We embody the Japanese concept of Ikigai. Our focus remains to use our passion, vocation and transform it into our profession via our products basing our mission on the Balance in Nature. Both the founder and the co-founder are vegans and are trying to their do bit towards the planet. One small step towards a big cause.

As a team, we strongly believe in giving back to the earth what we take from it. All our products are made from 100% cotton or 100% recycled fabric. We believe in the Japanese Proverb: Kintsukuroi “mending broken objects with Gold or Silver”. Our Ethos revolves around keeping each product fully recyclable.

Our production techniques are mastered techniques which can only be passed on from one generation to another. Most of our products are fully handmade but some involve machine and hand to go in full coordination so they are handcrafted. Each piece is done in a dedicated timeline by an artisan so that they can deliver their best at all points.

All our artisans are fairly paid and create wonders under the good standard of working atmosphere. One can only perform the best, when one is at their best.  We make small batches to keep the uniqueness of the product but enough to generate a good income for our artisans.

We do incorporate a lot of recycled fabric to minimise wastage. We aim to be 100% zero waste by the end of 2020. Small gift items are made from the remaining fabric of our large items.

We currently use recycled white cloth bags for our show packaging. We have switched to 100% fabric/paper packaging although some white-based products are still packed in recyclable plastic.