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    How to Create a Meditative Space

    In our very modern fast-paced lives, having a space to call truly ours is a necessity. I am not talking about a home! It could be an outdoor space in a park nearby or it could be a corner in your very own room, in a special case, it could be a room in your home (if you have that luxury ). I live in London now and the houses here are an absolute contrast to Delhi (I am from New Delhi ). So the gigantic task of how to create a sacred space in whatever area is available to you. It is a space where I will run to if I am low emotionally, mentally, physically. I lived in Devon and the outdoor was so gorgeous. Nature was truly bountiful in all aspects. I would see cattle graze the farms, the trees lounge in their own greenery. Flowers blossomed in every and all lanes, ducks paddled across the local canals. In this tranquil space, I found a spot under a special ancient tree among the thousands that swayed in the wind. The view from this tree was farmland and right in the center of the farm was another lonely tree. It felt like I was seeing an island afloat in the midst of the sea. During my stay at Devon, I used to go on long walks each day and for one whole year, I witnessed these two trees. One afar and One shading me. I saw the moments of all-season trespassing these two trees. The one above me always shaded me whether it was winter or summer, but the one afar was such an objective view to life. I saw the autumn take away the beauty, I saw the bare branches during the harsh winters and then I saw the tiny green leaves as spring arrived. This was my sacred space. I was able to meditate by simply viewing the tree each day and observing my breath and zone out into my sacred space.

    After moving to London, my sacred space had vanished. I tried recreating it in nature but with a very hectic life, I understood it had to be in my own room. I barely had time to enjoy the long walks beside the weekend. I stood in the center of my room and closed my eyes and turned 90 degrees each turn and observed how my body reacted to each direction going through all four. I felt the calmest facing east (it could be something else for you ). I opened my palms facing east and reconfirmed the warmth I felt within and on my palms. I moved my bed and rest items keeping a small space for me to sit facing my east window. I set some of my favorite reading books, the ones that evoke thought of peace and serenity (eg: Autobiography of a Yogi, Small Boat Big Mountains, Everyday Mindfulness ). I brought in some of my favorite crystals, clear quartz clusters, and a tiger eye wand to clear my space and protect me during meditation. I have 50 house plants but only 2 made it to my meditative space. For me, it was one gorgeous blooming succulent and my self propagated monstera delicious. I put up my wall tapestry on the east wall next to my window. It was a tapestry of the “tree of life” in rich vibrant colors of yellow, orange, and green. I kept a warm yellow light lamp near the tapestry to add mood from an interior point of view. I added my meditation cushion on top of my bedside rug. On the bedside table near the window, I added a gorgeous Tibetan singing bowl that I had purchased at one of our work exhibits. I added mY goddess Tara inviting the divine feminine into my space. In a small bowl next to Tara, I kept some dry sage to burn and clear the energy of my room before each meditation. Lastly, I kept the deck of Shamanic Visioning Tarot cards next to my singing bowl. “All of this” was on the east window sill and the bedside table of one small but cozy room. I am truly grateful that I have my sacred space which holds me in my moments of chaos. To find Balance in everyday Madness and also enjoy the madness is truly living the spirit of Nature. Each breath out of that East window, I envision this: “ I am Nature and Nature is ME “.I value each day as it’s magical and despite all obstacles, the Sun and Moon rise and give their presence to each and all the beings irrespective of who we are. We are Loved! Namaste

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