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    The Joy of Recycling

    I had many beautiful years of my childhood growing up in India before migrating to the UK. And enjoying playing hide and seek with my siblings has never been forgotten. The hustling sound of Feriwala is a part of every residential in India. Street vending has a very different concept to what we see here in the UK. They come all the way at your doorstep to sell. Isn’t this AMAZING!!!
    My favorite amongst all of them was “Bhandewali” (Utensils seller) who would bring new shinning steel utensils and in exchange, she would ask for old Sarees. The concept of bartering is world-known and has been followed in India a lot when it comes to recycling. Although every Indian woman passes their sarees from generation to generation and the ones they cannot be bartered for utensils. She will then see all the sarees and select the ones she will feel can be recycled. Like this, she will collect sarees on a regular basis by bartering her shining cups, plates, and pans.
    After she has enough pieces of those beautiful sarees she will visit her local upholstery adda (Headquarters) was she will collect money in exchange for the sarees.

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